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   1)    What size painting should I choose? It depends on the size of the room the art will hang on.  If you are a collector, you may want to measure the space before selecting your size.   I enjoy working on a 24x36.  You can have it  painted vertically or horizontally without it taking up too much space, but large enough to add intrigue to the wall.
2)   What's the process to get started?  Once you decide to move forward with the date, you will place a 25% deposit down and I will send over a contract with all details confirming the date, location, time, and canvas size.  Once that is complete, I may ask for photos of bride and groom for pre-portrait studies.   Feel free to communicate with me as needed concerning  bride and groom posture, background scene, and any details you definitely want to see in the final painting.
3)     What kind of substrate do you paint on?  I use Gallery Wrapped Stretched Canvas. Sometimes I stretch it myself and sometimes I order pre-stretched canvas. 
4) What medium do you use to paint? I utilize mixed media which may include, but not limited to oils, acrylics, liquid inks, and different forms of dry sketching media.  I always leave room for artistic creativity and sometimes I don't fully render my subject matter, but instead I allow my form or style to take over in order to capture the mood.


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