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He's not here, He has risen

16x20in heavy acrylic on canvas

Glory Realm

10x20in resin and heavy acrylic on canvas

The Morning of

11x14 canvas panel, ink and heavy acrylic

The Tomb

10x20in, heavy acrylic on canvas

Heaven Surrounding Us
The Ladies Called Pleiades 30x40
It's Celebration 36x24
Seeing Past the Blue 18x24
Heavenly Places

8x10in heavy impasto acrylic on canvas

The Firmament 12x36

hand-cut masonite wood 12x36in, original painting

The Stars Sing of His Glory
Nearly Tangible. 16x20. oil on canvas
The Witness
Surrounding the Cross, 36x24
Inside the Clouds, 10x20

10x20in heavy acrylic and ink on canvas

Between Your Shoulders
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