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Painting with Rika Art

Christmas Time with Painting with Rika

This Christmas season…it all started with an idea from the Holy Spirit….then a sketch….then a digital image transfer…then sketching a stack of canvases per party…then a group of prettty amazing people…and then….it always ends the same way….super fun!! ✨😄

Here’s a little collection of all the fun Christmasy paintings that have been all over the towns 🎄✝️🎅🏽✨❄️

🎄Have you thought about painting something, but you don’t know where to begin??🤷🏽‍♀️

Try painting along with me on my YouTube channel! Here’s the link with a list of supplies (on the info section on YouTube) It will have everything you’ll need to get the painting party started!

❄️❄️ i also have painting kits available (Disney Princesses, superheros, and free handed originals you can check out on my Etsy shop!

❄️be sure to keep watch for my Holy Night Christmas Painting…I’ve been looking forward to creating an extra special painting for Jesus’s Birthday present ✨🙏✨🤗

Jesus is the reason for the season! ✨

God Bless and stay safe this holiday season!🙏🥰

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